The Spring Hill Marching Band is the spirit of Spring Hill High School.  With over 100 members, the marching band performs at all football games, pep rallies and community events as well as marching band contests throughout the Southeast.  Membership in the marching band is open to all 9th-12th grade students.

What We Do
The SHHS Marching Band is the spirit of Spring Hill High School and performs at all home and away football games as well as several marching band contests throughout the South East.  We begin rehearsing our 6 minute show in early July and continue through the end of October with regular rehearsals, and performances.  Membership in the SHHS Marching Band is open to all 9-12 grade students enrolled at Spring Hill High School and 8th graders enrolled in our feeder middle schools.  The Marching Band is an extra-curricular ensemble.

2020 Marching Season

In order for the SHHS Band program to achieve at the highest levels, there is a financial component to membership in the Band.  Band fees for 2020-2021 are $200 for all members in the band.

All fees are due by July 6th.

What do my fees cover?

Band fees help offset the total operating cost of our band program.  We receive no financial help from the school or district and are completely self funded.  Band fees go to cover: custom music arrangements, drill, flags, uniforms, transportation, game day meals, staffing, props, supplies and much more!
How to Pay Fees Online

Band camp for the 2020 Spring Hill Marching Band will be held July 20-24 from 8am-8pm. Attendance at band camp is mandatory for participation in the marching band.  Lunch will be from 12pm-1pm and dinner will be from 4:30-6:00 daily and will be on your own.  Friday meals are provided for all members.    The marching band rehearses after school on Thursday until 5pm.  We perform at all football games through October.  Click here for a link to our complete calendar.

Attendance at Rehearsals and Performances
All rehearsals are mandatory and essential for the successes of our band.  Unlike sports, all marching band members are part of the “starting lineup”  Learning drill, music and choreography is difficult with missing band members.  All doctor appointments and schedule conflicts should be avoided.  Absences from performances are not allowed.  We have taken great care in preparing our fall schedule and sharing that with you.  Please eliminate all conflicts so we can be our best at every performance.  Absences from rehearsal and performance are grounds for dismissal from the marching band.

From time to time, there are unavoidable absences from rehearsal.  Things such as severe illness, death in the family and other unforeseen tragedy are excusable absences.

If you absolutely must miss a rehearsal, please inform us by filling out the Absence Form.

All members in the Spring Hill High School Band will need to have the following forms on file with the directors:

Band Camp Information
Making it through band camp takes a lot of careful planning and self care.  The following information is designed to help you make the best of your experience!

  • Be on Time
    • To be early, is to be on time!  Be on campus at least 15 minutes prior to the start of each rehearsal.  You are expected to be on the field no later than 5 minutes before the start of each rehearsal, unless otherwise specified.
  • Clothing
    • Light colored cotton or wicking material shirt
    • Athletic shorts.  Not khaki, jean shorts, or pants.  Athletic leggings are ok
    • Socks.  Bring an extra pair and change them if they get damp. This helps prevent blisters
  • Shoes
    • Tennis shoes only.  Sandals, slip on shoes, or boots are not allowed.  Your safety and comfort are the highest priority.  Get a pair of tennis shoes, break them in slowly before camp starts and you will be fine!
  • Attitude
    • Try your hardest. Band camp will go a lot smoother if you make a decent effort at marching and playing your instrument.
    • Be optimistic and don’t complain. Complaining is extremely annoying to everyone and ultimately unhelpful.
    • Learn the show. Now is the time to practice. Practice as you would like to perform – learn your formations, music, rhythms, etc.
    • Be respectful and courteous towards all staff. Remember, they are taking care of many students and trying to address several issues at once.
    • Listen to section leaders. Listen and learn from these upperclassman. They are section leaders for a reason.
    • Remember that everyone is at band camp to learn. If you’re a newcomer, don’t take it personally when an instructor gives advice. Remember, they’re trying to help you look better in performance. If you’re a returning member, help out newcomers and be patient with them. You were a rookie once.
    • Make friends and have fun. Get to know your classmates, your section, whoever is sitting or standing next to you in formation.
    • This may be the most important part!  Band camp can be difficult… it’s hot, the days are long and the work load can be overwhelming the first few days.  You will be hot, sweaty, cranky and sometimes thinking “what have I gotten myself into?” These are all normal reactions!  But as with life, most things that are worthwhile are challenging.  You CAN do this and we know it is worthwhile!  How you prepare mentally is critical to the success of our band.  Every day you need to come with a positive attitude, even if you don’t feel like having one.  Simply making that choice sets you on the path to success!  When you feel that stress coming on, or a bad mood strike, you can change that by choosing to be positive in difficult situations.  Prepare your mind! And the body will follow!
  • Meals/Hydration
    • We take hydration seriously!  Students are given a “gush and go” every 15 minutes when the temperature is over 90, and a 10 minute break every 45 minutes for extended hydration and snacks.  Under 90 degrees, members get a “gush and go” every 20 minutes and a 10 minute break every hour for extended hydration and snack.  We highly encourage you to bring your own water cooler to rehearsal.  Room temperature water is best, as the absorption rate is faster than ice water.  Additionally, ice water can cause severe cramping and limits the performer.  The band does provide large coolers with water for those without a water jug, however we STRONGLY recommend you to bring your own!
    • Healthy snacks are always allowed during breaks at rehearsal and are encouraged.  Granola, fruit, protein bars are all great to keep the body fueled properly.  Chips, soda, sweet tea, candy are not allowed during rehearsal.  Students need to bring a brown bag lunch for the lunch break.  Parents may come take their child off campus for lunch, but a director must sign you out first.  What you eat at lunch is essential to how your afternoon will go!  Burgers, pizza, tacos and wings are delicious, but not appropriate for band camp meals.  Sandwiches, salads, protein, whole grains, vegetables and water are the best things you can fuel your body with.  Make the right choice!
  • Sun Protection
    • Sun screen is required for every member of the Spring Hill Band.  At every break, students will be reminded to reapply their sun screen.  We recommend at least SPF 30.  Sun glasses are HIGHLY recommended (just a tick below required). Eye health is something we take seriously, and it is more comfortable to have sunglasses that allow you to use your eyes without squinting as we are learning our show.  Hats are also HIGHLY recommended.
  • Athletic Concept
    • Marching band is an athletic sport.  There is no disputing the physical and mental rigor of being part of the band.  We condition, train and rehearse in demanding conditions and perform under equally challenging climates.  Begin to change your mindset of “just a band” to a being an athlete in a performing art!
  • Make Friends
    • Every year of band camp brings new memories, inside jokes, skills,  and a new half-time show to learn. You will be amazed at how many new friends you will make if you are open and optimistic.  Remember this: you already have band and music in common with everyone here, so friendship within the band is a given and will continue long after graduation. You can count on your fellow band members and they count on you!
  • Basic Etiquette
    • When the Directors or staff are speaking, you do not.  This goes for when the section leaders, drum majors or other band leadership is talking.  When not being instructed you are standing at “ready” waiting for the next instruction.Respect  each other’s instruments and space. Listen to the upper classmen and follow their good example. Be patient to the lower classmen and newcomers, you were once a rookie too!
  • Other
    • You will need
      • 3 ring binder with plastic pages
      • Spiral Bound Index Card Notebook
      • Instrument, sticks, reeds, valve oils, etc….
      • Pencil
      • Deodorant
      • Sun Screen
      • Hat, Sun Glasses

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